So far, the plan is to make it a yearly commitment for our local families and our loyal visitors. We have been doing this consistently for the past few years and we are planning to continue to do it in the years to come, hoping that we will still have huge support.

The festival is generally safe. We always hire a security detail to make sure that everything is organized. As an added precaution, we have some checkpoints where our people will check for security.

Yes, in some areas, we allow celebrations and drinking. But this is only limited to adult areas but for areas where children will probably go, we prohibit drinking and smoking for the children’s safety.

It is generally safe for young children. In fact, there are several families who always attend our festival because of the type of fun it brings to their young children. But of course, you still need to make sure that your own kids are safe.

There are a lot of fun activities you can choose from. Aside from our fun booths where you can discover different cuisine and products, there are also a lot of competitions going on that you can join on, or you can just watch.

For inquiries regarding possible partnership, please let us know through the form in the contact section. We can give you an update as soon as we finalized the venue. We hope to have a long-term partnership with every business we partner with.