When it comes to festivals, we try to organize the most memorable one each year because we know how important it is for both locals and our foreign visitors. We want to set up fun booths, different tasty food stalls, and other activities that will be enjoyed by everyone who will attend.

What We Do

We organize events for our visitors and locals. All of our festival events are safe for families with children. We try to involve all locals in the preparation and execution, including local businesses so they can have the chance to showcase what they can offer not only to the locals but also to other visitors from other areas. We are also doing several booths with different workshops so they can get additional fun skills that they might want to continue when they get back home. It is important for us to provide a family friendly festival as they are the majority of those who attend in our events.

Why We Do It

Our festivals are known for their safe environment and fun events. We want to make sure that everyone will have a great experience that is why our preparation involves all stakeholders. We want to showcase our local culture and businesses at the same time, we want to ensure that no one will get left behind. It is important for us that this festival can create memories to the attendees that they won’t be able to get somewhere else. Therefore, it is our commitment to everyone who wait for our yearly festival to only deliver the best.