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Let’s turn this celebration from a simple to an explosive one!

Join us on celebrating our festival this year!

We know the life in the countryside is a bit challenging and quiet. Most think that it is boring because of the absence of tall skyscrapers and other modern buildings. However, they are completely wrong to think that. Here in our location, we are anything but boring. Yes, we might be quiet but when we party, we know how to do it well.

From our great locals who tirelessly worked hard to achieve this festival, we are bringing you experiences that you will never have somewhere else. We know how we can make your day extra special through our events.

Participate in our Events

Whether you like eating, drinking or some physical games, we have them all for you. We encourage families to participate in our numerous events so they can have fun as a family and at the same time, they might win special prizes! We have a lot of sponsors this year that’s why the prizes will be amazing and one of a kind.

If you are alone, it’s perfectly okay! The community will never make you feel alone as we want everyone to have fun. Just get out of your shell and try to meet as many people as possible because it is our tradition to turn strangers into friends.

Experience the Life in the Countryside

For those who will be coming from the city or other places, this is a great experience and opportunity for you to have a glimpse of our simple lives here. It will be a great breath of fresh air as you will definitely have an insight of our every day lives. Also, by interacting with the locals, you will have a precious opportunity to understand the kind of lifestyle we have here.

But it’s not pure silence and bore. We also have different leisure activities that you will definitely enjoy. Most of the tourists are shocked with how updated we are with the technology but we still choose to stay within the comforts of our countryside place.

Child Friendly Events

Aside from events catered for adults, we also have different evens for our children as well, we also want them to enjoy the day and create memories with their parents. We have a lot of fun activities just for them that include a lot of games, and other interactive sessions.

We also have a location so families can gather and let their children play with each other. This helps us foster a sense of community within us that start while they are young.

If you are interested to join us in this wonderful festival, do not hesitate to follow this blog and watch out for updates. We will be continuously posting new details on this site so you know what to expect. We will also post all of our documentation after the event so you can grab your photos and post them on your own social media accounts when you get back home.

Join Us

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